Abrahanny Rodriquez

Event and portrait photographer based in Dallas TX, passionate about community

Curation and Programming

Alex Mack

Photographer/artist, high-altitude scientist & alpine enthusiast.

Advisory Board

Tara Workman

Nature Photographer Life philosophy - gratitude brings happiness, kindness reaps boundless rewards.


Ben Skaar

19-year-old artist based out of Manhattan, specializing in travel photography and cinematography

Advisory Board

Billy Dinh

Billy documents moments of everyday life and finds the beauty in the usual in his photos, which he presents as almost stills from something out of a movie or a dream.

Twitter Spaces and Socials

Brynn Alise Schmidt

Nature and wildlife photographer Passionate about conservation, adventure, and community

Comp Stomp Studios Director

Chad Torkelsen

Adventure photographer based in Seattle 10x battleship champion 🏆

Advisory Board


Avid digital art collector Community supporter and thought leader

Podcasts & Socials

Jordan Banks

Photographer and educator Community builder & believer in the power of art


Jordan Inglee

Chaser of Light, WEB3, Educator, Video Engineer

Website and Tech

Arwin Levinson

Landscape photographer, lover of art and technology


Me Llamo Matt

Me Llamo Art founder Entrepreneur always looking for the next opportunity

Emerging Artists

Rachel Suzanne Tien Wood

Travel Photographer, AI Artist, and Founder of the Artverse, Rachel’s mission is to elevate artists in web3 through education and establish the value of 1/1 art in the Metaverse

Social Media

Sarah Lyndsay

Self-portrait and landscape Artist in the Yellow Dress