Founder’s statement

Me Llamo Art is a nonprofit entity established to support artists’ growth and development toward ultimately discovering their full potential. We are committed to inclusivity, transparency, and positivity while providing impactful opportunities to uplift the art community in Web 3. The Iconic Le Consulat Café— as shot by Michael Sidofsky— perfectly embodies the ethos of Me Llamo Art and today’s digital artists. In the late 19th Century, impressionist artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso regularly frequented Le Consulat. They spent hours discussing their new style of painting, and why “traditional art” resisted their novel techniques and colors. Many impressionists struggled to make a living, yet they continued to produce incredible and revolutionary art. Now their works are considered to be amongst the greatest in history. Today, digital artists are at a similar inflection point; experiencing resistance to the value of digital art and the importance of the Blockchain to ensure provenance. Please join us as we follow in the footsteps of those artists in La Consultat 150 years ago, toward what is sure to be the next transformational frontier in modern art.


Featured artists from the Me Llamo Collection, including bios, select works from the collection, and links to artist's personal sites and socials.
George Benjamin
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Killian Moore
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Summer Wagner
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Tara Workman
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Tyler Lekki
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Me Llamo Art hosts a series of online galleries highlighting NFT art from the perspectives of both artists and collectors. Galleries will rotate on a monthly basis - check in frequently for new curation and inspiration.

Artist Resident Gallery

George Turner

George Turner is a renowned wildlife photographer from the UK. His mission is "to share my vision of the natural world" through his photography and assignments that take him from the Congo Basin to the far north of Canada.
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Collector Curated Gallery


“The Funghivault” is features 40 stunning pieces of static and dynamic visual art, bringing you all the vibrant, surreal and psychedelic vibes.
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Emerging Artists Gallery

Sunny Sangwan

"ARISE" is a brilliantly-curated gallery featuring art from 13 emerging artists from around the world, with photographs spanning conceptual, wildlife, portrait, fine art, street, landscape, travel and documentary genres.
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MeLlamo Matt Gallery

MeLlamo Matt

"Imagination" is the second installment from MeLlamo Matt's personal collection, featuring works that give a feeling of peace and tranquility.
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Artist Curated Gallery

Jenna Dixon

"Wintertide" features a selection of photographs that have captured dreamlike scenes of winter, ice and snow from across the globe.
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Support.We provide artists and collectors with the necessary infrastructure and resources to thrive in the age of digital art. As part of our community, there are opportunities to connect with other forward-thinking individuals and unique ways to present your work digitally.

Education.Within our ever-evolving community, we believe it is necessary to continually educate artists and collectors and provide up-to-date resources to help them reach their full potential, and participate in the Web 3 space safely and confidently.

Curation.At the core of Me Llamo Art, we are trying to shift the culture of Web 3 to encourage members of the community to responsibly curate meaningful exhibits that pull together works of art from across the digital art community.

Identity.Integral to Me Llamo Art’s mission is the desire to help artists and collectors alike understand and harness their own personal identities, their purpose and their "why".